Read the Real Story. Medicare Is Not Going Broke.

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A recent blog post on the Center on Budget Policy Priorities (CBPP) addresses a common falsehood repeated by some lawmakers about the financial footing of Medicare. Unfortunately, some members of Congress continue to claim that Medicare won’t be there for future generations because it’s going bankrupt. According to CBPP, this falsehood has been debunked before—Medicare is not running out of money. Read More...

New Brief Finds 30 Million Would Lose Coverage under Past ACA Repeal Plan

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This week, the Urban Institute (the Institute) released a brief discussing the impact of enacting the same partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) advanced by Congressional Republicans in 2016. This repeal (H.R. 3762), using the legislative reconciliation tool, was vetoed by President Obama, but it is widely believed that President-Elect Trump would be likely to sign an identical bill. Read More...

Medicare Rights Joins the National Coalition on Health Care

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The Medicare Rights Center is proud to announce its recent membership on the National Coalition for Health Care (NCHC). NCHC is a national, nonprofit organization with a coalition membership of over 80 organizations representing medical societies, businesses, health care providers, insurers, patient and consumer advocates, and more. Collectively, the coalition represents more than 100 million Americans. Read More...

It’s Throwback Thursday! Old and Tired Medicare Ideas Resurrected

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Several years ago, Republican leaders in Congress unveiled proposals to make sweeping changes to the health care system, including to Medicare. Those plans—ultimately designed to create Medicare cost savings for the federal government— include raising the age of Medicare eligibility, privatizing the Medicare program through a premium support model, increasing cost sharing for people with Medicare, and more. After the recent election, these ideas reemerged, through comments by members of Congress and the incoming Administration. When these proposals were originally introduced, we said that they were not the right solutions, and we still believe they represent the wrong path for sustaining the future of the Medicare program. Read More...