Let’s Talk Turkey About Taxes

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As families around the country prepare to gather with loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday, the House passed a tax bill that would threaten the health and economic security of many low-income and middle-class families. This Thanksgiving, talk turkey about taxes! It’s not too late to protect our health care and our families. Here’s what you can do: Read More...

Protecting Our Health Care – Ann and Ti’s Story

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Ann is a caregiver to her partner Ti, and their story is one of love and caring but also one filled with advocacy on Ann’s part to preserve the Medicaid program, without which she and Ti could not survive. We helped Ann and thousands of others raise their voices against Medicaid cuts, so their voices could be joined with millions of others. It is stories like this one that will help us continue to protect the care of older adults now and in the future. Read More...

How the Social Security Cost of Living Increase will Affect the Part B Premium

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Last week, the Social Security Administration announced that there will be a 2% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to Social Security benefits in 2018. However, some people with Medicare will not see the full two percent increase in their monthly benefits. Those who paid less than the standard $134 Part B premium in 2017 had lower costs because they were protected by Read More...