What Can I Do if I Think a Family Member Is Being Discharged from a Skilled Nursing Facility Too Soon?

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Dear Marci, My mother has Original Medicare and is currently receiving care from a skilled nursing facility. Her provider gave her a notice saying that she will be discharged soon, but she does not feel she is ready to go home. Is there any way she can stay in the skilled nursing facility and get Medicare to cover the stay? – Judy (Rockford, IL) Read More...

What is an Explanation of Benefits?

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An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a notice that your Medicare Advantage Plan typically sends you after you receive health care services or items. EOBs are usually mailed once per month and may be available online. An EOB is not a bill; it is a summary of services or items you received. Each plan formats its EOB differently, but in general your EOB should tell you: Read More...

Does Medicare cover cataract surgery?

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Medicare generally does not pay for vision care, but it will cover certain medically necessary services, such as cataract surgery. If you have Original Medicare, these services are covered under Part B, which covers outpatient services. Medicare Advantage Plans cover the same services as Original Medicare, but may have different costs and conditions. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, contact a plan representative to learn about how the plan covers cataract surgery. Read More...