What is Extra Help?

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Dear Marci, I am new to Medicare. My income and assets are on the low side and I’m having difficulty paying for my prescription drugs. A neighborhood counselor told me about Extra Help. Do you think this is something for me? – Stefano (Rock Springs, WY) Read More...

What can I do about Medicare fraud?

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Dear Marci, I just looked at my mother’s latest Explanation of Benefits, and her equipment supplier is continuing to bill Medicare for a knee CPM machine that my mother rented after a fall, but has since returned. Should I look into this further, both to protect my mother and to avoid scamming Medicare? – Karen (Rock Springs, WY) Read More...

What are Medicare Savings Programs?

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Dear Marci, I recently enrolled in premium-free Part A, but learned that I will have to pay a premium for Part B. Could I get some information on Medicare Savings Programs, which I’m told would cover my Part B premium? – Toshio (Philadelphia, PA) Read More...